In order to have a successful website, visitors need to be able to find it. In most cases, this means having a good search engine ranking. There are thousands of sites out there and specialized SEO companies who have tricks to your improve search engine ranking. Trying to understand all of these tactics is a virtually impossible battle though. Search engines work on algorithms which are so complex that no one will fully understand them. By the time some savvy webmaster actually does figure out one of the aspects of search engine rankings, the algorithm changes to avoid all the webmasters trying to trick their way to the top.

The best way to improve search engine ranking is to think of it on a human level. By this, I mean to stop considering algorithms, keyword percentages and other SEO tactics. Instead, think of the visitor to your site as a real human being (as opposed to “traffic”). Consider how a person might get to your site. In most cases, traffic arrives from keyword searches. Think very carefully about what your site has to offer and how someone looking for that would type it into a search engine. This is the basis of keyword optimization. Many webmasters try to improve search engine ranking by inserting popular niche words throughout your site but they forget about the way people actually use search engines. Once you put yourself in the surfer’s place, you will be able to think about the exact keyword phrases which are relevant to your site.

After keyword searches, visitors find their way to sites through backlinks. This aspect of search engine ranking is much more difficult to control than keyword optimizing. There are several ways to get free backlinks such as article submission or posting backlinks on social networking sites. However, the best backlinks are the ones which come from related sites. If your site is actually informative, the real people at other sites will want to link to your site. The rest of the factors attributing to search engine ranking are much more detailed. These include tricks like putting keywords in the right places, using anchor text and creating a site map which the search engines can follow. Since these aspects search engine ranking can be time consuming, you may want to hire professional help so you can focus on making a site for real people- not the search engines!

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If you are looking to buy sell backlinks, you’ve come to the right place!

Backlinks are sometimes called inbound links and they are the backbone of Search Engine Positioning. They are simply SEO gold. If a website wants to come out on top search engines such as Google without to paying big bucks for advertising, the best, or almost the only option is to have a large number of backlinks. Backlinks are basically links on one website that lead back to another website. It is all very straightforward and logical, the more prominent, of higher quality, and higher Page Rank the website that provides the link is, the more effect it will have to boost the search engine position of the linked website.

We have heard of webmasters of very successful websites that just hemorrhaged money because they were not aware of selling backlinks. They were not aware that there are literally thousands of budding webmasters that were always looking for high-quality backlinks that would put their websites on the map. We are here to cater to the needs of both of these types.

We think of ourselves as a kind of matchmakers who are here to help webmasters sell and buy backlinks. As they are invaluable tools for increasing traffic to a website and because they are SEO gold, backlinks and the circulation of backlinks deserves a proper, professional treatment. We like to believe that we offer that treatment. We specialize in getting together the hard-working webmasters who toil away for scraps and the webmasters who are looking to improve their search engine position. When the two meet, it is only natural that the ones with good search positions will sell their backlinks for a reasonable amount to the budding webmasters who will be happy to obtain them at prices that are not inflated by big agencies or tampered with by shady link brokers. Our job is to give the established webmasters with popular sites the opportunity to earn a decent living and to further pursue their web dreams free from dread for existence; as well as to give new webmasters a fighting chance in the harsh field of search engine positioning. It is a simple idea, and like most simple ideas it works. Sometimes the simplest solutions and the least selfish ones are the right ones. Avoid crafty link brokers, big agencies and expensive middlemen and enjoy pure buying and selling of backlinks.

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Before you buy text link ads, you should really consider what you are hoping to achieve. Of course, you would like your website to get higher in the SERPs. However, you should never forget that text links are advertisements and you shouldn’t just pick any plan. Instead, consider a campaign and strategy before you buy text link ads. You need to have the right links and the right advertisements. Here are some tips to consider on your campaign strategy.

1. If text links are you ad then your site is your product. The biggest mistake webmasters make is to focus too much on search engine optimization rather than building a good website. Before you even think to buy text link ads, you should perfect your site and make it a place that people would want to visit. All the traffic brought in by an expensive ad will do nothing if no one returns to your site later.

2. Consider what your final objective is. Do you want traffic to come to your site and stay there or is there another action from there, such as signing up for a third-party site? Don’t forget to ask yourself this question while considering your type of text link advertisements.

3. Utilize conversion tracking if the text link host offers it. This means keeping track of how many visitors to your site became customers or took the action you wanted from them. You will need to know this information because it will help you target which text link ads are getting you the most results.

4. Try variations of different ads, especially if you are new to text link advertising or are marketing a new site. You will be able to find out which ads work best and at which host sites. Even the same ad can have completely different conversion results when put on different hosts. This also is true is reverse, that the same host will get different results with two various ads. Being specific can help you target your audience and distinguish between those who are just browsing the web and those who are looking to buy.

5. Slowly make changes to your text link ads. Change is a good way to experiment with what works best. However, if you make drastic changes at once, you won’t be able to pinpoint key elements to the campaigns success including keywords, calls to action and host sites.

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When promoting your website, getting traffic is the best way to top the SERPs. Of course, the best way to get traffic is to create such an amazing site that everyone will want to go there. However, you need people to see your site first and that means showing up in the top of the search engines. While there is no real way to “cheat” the search engines, there are a few ways to get a leg up on the competition. Since incoming links are as important as the actual content of your page, you may want to buy cheap backlinks to your site.

There are some things that you should know before you buy cheap backlinks. Ever since Google revolutionized the search engine process, they started looking at all the incoming links to your site. Each link is like a friend and more friends equals popularity. However, you don’t want to accidentally get caught up with a “bad crowd.” Many people mistakenly buy cheap backlinks from useless sites. If Google thinks that this site is a link farm, then you can actually lose points in your ratings or get disqualified altogether. That is why is important to buy cheap backlinks from a reputable company. Here are some things you want to avoid when you buy cheap backlinks:

· Don’t get thousands of backlinks all from one source. It is even worse if this source site has a bad page rank. Google will identify that you are trying to cheat the system by using a link farm.

· Avoid the large networks that are selling backlinks. While some of these really do create results, Google will eventually find them Then, all of the sites on these big networks will get demoted. It is better to go with smaller and more specialized sites that are willing to work hard to create quality links to you.

· Only buy permanent backlinks. This will save you a lot of money over the long run. Also, a good link can really improve your page ranking and you don’t want to lose that because of a monthly fee.

Don’t bother with link trading. Google figured out long ago that sites were trading links in order to get higher ratings. Now, reciprocal links are considered neutral- they neither help nor hurt your site ratings unless they are part of a link farm.